• Žarko Marić

    Žarko Marić


    In 1998 Žarko Marić returned to his hometown of Kulaše, Prnjavor Municipality. Back then he started a production of vegetables in a single 50m2 greenhouse.

    At the time, greenhouse vegetables production was a challenge for him, as he only had the professional experience from “Sloga” factory in Prnjavor and never worked in agriculture. Nowadays, fifteen years later, Žarko’s household has 10 greenhouses of the total size 2.000 m2, 15 acres planted with watermelon, and he also keeps sheep, goats and pigs.

    With lots of efforts and sacrifice, and with great help from his family members – two sons, a daughter and wife, Žarko not only produces sufficient amounts for his family, but also keeps two sales points and has regular customers who buy his products. Mr. Žarko says that loans helped him a lot in faster development of his business.

    The annual production of vegetables in the Marić household reaches around 300 tons of fruits and vegetables (over the past few years).
    A large number of regular and satisfied customers is the result of high quality in growing vegetables without the use of chemicals. He produces his own seedlings and the production is fully monitored. Irrigation system “drop by drop” and heating for seedlings are of great importance for the final product, therefore, Žarko opted for this type of production.

    Mr. Marić recommends all who have just started or plan on starting similar business that the key to success is goodwill, regular and constant soil testing, daily presence in the field, regular irrigation and most importantly avoiding addition of chemicals in the production process.

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