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    MCF EKI supports the development of entrepreneurship, improvement of living standards, and the development and sustainability of local communities through participation in socially responsible and humanitarian actions with a special focus on better living for children.

    We perceive the prosperity of our clients as our own success.


    Who Are We

    MCF EKI is a microcredit foundation dedicated to the financial inclusion of individuals, micro and small entrepreneurs who do not have adequate access to financial services in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The specter of financial and non-financial services, combined with education and counseling, enable the improvement of living standards, and sustainable growth and development of entrepreneurship. We cherish and value the decades of experience in working with clients, individuals and legal entities in need of credit funds, whom we approach responsibly in providing them with fast, simple and transparent services.

    Values That We Create For Our Clients 

    We enable individuals to cover seasonal or extraordinary expenses, and we try to encourage the unemployed, young people and those with irregular source of financial income to consider self-employment and registration of businesses by providing counseling during registration and in running of their business, and we help promote market placement through activities of the EKI Business Club.

    We are committed to low and moderate income clients as well as to micro and small entrepreneurs with an emphasis on businesses in rural areas and supporting small farmers, whom we assist in investments in fixed and current assets in order to develop farms, which will enable them to live a dignified life.

    The ease of doing business with us is built on territorial coverage of our offices, flexible and clear procedures, digital marketing tools, efficient information system, trained and experienced sales and management team, while our reliability lies in a stable capital position, risk management and dedicated teamwork.

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