• Ugljevik – Magnojević – Vlasenica


    Ugljevik – Magnojević – Vlasenica

    At the end of last year, the employees of EKI Bijeljina worked together to arrange and upgrade three locations, as part of the project “EKI in the Community”.

    At the public children’s playground in Ugljevik, they planted new trees that will serve many future generations.

    In addition to seedlings, they procured benches for the yard, painted the classrooms and procured the necessary school equipment in Magnojević.

    They equipped the basketball court in Vlasenica with new boards and hoops, because the existing ones were worn out and unusable.

    EKI employees implemented these actions with great enthusiasm and a desire for each individual task to be performed in the best possible way.

    Our goal is to create the best possible conditions for our youth, because that is the only way for us to ensure that their growing up and upbringing leads to positive end results.

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