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    The Main Library – Istočno Sarajevo


    The Main Library in Istočno Sarajevo is open for 2.200 children from this municipality. The Library is very active in popularizing books, reading and studying, and also in organizing various courses of foreign languages, information technologies, etc. All of the servicers of the Library are free of charge for the children of the age up to 14. The premises of Library are daily visited by approximately 100 children and their parents.

    Due to great demand for books it was necessary to renew the Library fund of books for which the Library did not have sufficient finances, so their representatives contacted MCF EKI with a request for help. Given the fact that EKI regularly donates funds for these or similar kind of actions, we were happy to respond to their request and we donated significant funds for their renewal of the Library fund of books. The Library employees gave thanks to EKI for the donation that helped them expand the offer of books for the youngest members of our society.

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