• Tahira Hasić

    Tahira Hasić


    Tahira Hasić lives and works in Gradačac. The reason her business is interesting lays in the fact that her business has a variety and there are contrasts in the professions she is in. The primary business of Mrs. Hasić in which she has been since 1983 is the knitting and sewing, while agriculture, specifically growing beans and fattening chickens, is something she started doing later. Although these two business activities are totally different, Mrs. Tahira says she would not be able to tell which one she likes better.

    In the sewing business Tahira does not require any help from others, because this is something which she does best on her own, while in her agriculture business she has the help from her husband.

    The income that is generated from growing and selling beans and chicken, as well as from sewing, may be quite sufficient for her family and it also provides funds for further investments.

    However, the very beginning was very difficult, almost impossible without the loan, because Mrs. Tahira’s first sewing machine was bought with the help of loan funds. And today the loans help her with major investments (buying larger quantities of raw materials, machinery restoration, renovation of work space, etc.).

    Since she has been in the sewing business for a long time now, Mrs. Hasić has numerous regular customers, and because of the quality and affordable prices of services, the number of customers is constantly growing. She singles out the sewing of prom dresses, which she makes beautifully, and she particularly enjoys making them. All that is produced by the Hasić spouses is sold as they are very well known as good and honest persons who enjoy the respect of their fellow citizens.

    This in itself is the key to success of the Hasić family – love for what they do, but also a good relationship with their neighbours, customers and the environment in general, because if the people’s trust in you is justified by your behaviour and quality services the success is guaranteed.

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