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    Suljo Ahmetović


    The Ahmetović family moved from the city to Novi Lužani near Derventa, in order to become active in agriculture.

    Mr. Suljo and his two daughters own a variety of livestock and they care for it together. When he started his agriculture business, he took a loan from EKI and used the funds to purchase the first livestock. According to his words, he could not have started the business without the loan. Ever since, he has been taking EKI loans whenever he was in need to expand his business.

    Mr. Ahmetović says that the situation in agriculture is rather difficult, the expenses are significantly big, and he manages to survive thanks to his rich experience and years of commitment and efforts. That, he says, is their key to success: hard work, commitment, efforts, and engagement of entire family.

    He sells his produce to the local population mainly, and his market placement is greatly supported by EKI Newsletter through which he advertises his sale, but he also makes purchases through these ads as well.

    “I am more than satisfied with the EKI Newsletter, which I regularly receive at home. Thanks to the newsletter I bought goats and also sold some livestock.”

    Mr. Suljo’s message for everyone who wishes to start the same or similar business is that efforts, commitment and hard work will pay off, but above all one must invest willingness and love in every business in order to be successful.

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