• Successfully Completed Project “EKI in Community”


    Successfully Completed Project “EKI in Community”

    Through the extended project of Socially Responsible Actions – the so called “EKI in Community” Project, the EKI Staff members have over the past month invested maximum efforts in providing contribution to the community in which they live and work. EKI staff members were present at almost 30 localities (elementary schools, kindergartens, children associations, etc.) and actively participated in painting benches, slides, swings, etc. in school yards and in kindergarten yards, they also participated in placing baskets in basketball courts for children, in planting evergreen trees in yards of children associations, and in reconstruction of existing and construction of new playgrounds for children.

    The main objective of this Project is to create better living and working conditions for the youngest members of our society, which makes EKI very proud, as we are all witnesses to joy and happiness of children when they saw the space in which the usually spend lot of time become nicer and with fresh new look. Adding the fact that EKI staff members who participated in these actions were as happy as the children while they were creating these new and better conditions for the children, leads us to the conclusion that the “EKI in Community” Project is entirely successfully completed.

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