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    Srećko Jović


    Srećko Jović lives in the village of Obudovac, near Brčko. His core business is wickerwork-basket making, i.e. production of various products of wicker.

    Srećko’s father started this business back in 1993 after the state-owned company in which he had worked was shut down. While working in that company he gained a significant experience in wickerwork. New ideas from customers led to introduction of new products and faster business development, so the Jović family constantly innovated their business. Since the wickerwork-basket making is his family’s tradition, Srećko decided to start this business once he had his own family. With the help from his entire family and from his partners, Srećko’s business became lucrative and his products are popular among foreign buyers as well.

    Srećko says that his key to success was the harmony and team work within the family as well as the quality in his products.
    The raw material that Srećko uses is the wicker (willow rods) and in order to produce sufficient volume he needed a loan that greatly eased the purchase of land for plantations of wicker. The sale of products is done in 4 shops of his own (retail and wholesale), through online sales, and also by word-of-mouth and recommendations that come from his customers. The latter is deemed the most important marketing tool especially in this type of business. Srećko recommends his colleague and others who are in the same business to maintain the quality of their products because one can sell a product of poor quality but good news travels fast and ill news even faster.

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