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    SME Premium Loans are designed for registered businesses, which need major investments for improving or expanding their business activities. With the EKI SME Premium Loan you can purchase raw materials, machines, and equipment for your business, you can also construct or purchase a business facility and enrich your business with some other types of current or fixed assets that you need.

    • Loan size from 10.001 to 50.000 BAM
    • Repayment period of up to 60 months
    • Grace period of max. 9 months
    • Loan processing fee 1,00% to 1,50%
    • The MCC EKI disburses/approves loans in BAM currency as indexed in EUR per the average exchange rate of the BiH Central Bank on the day of Loan Agreement
    • Nominal Interest Rate (NIR) is fixed and calculated on annual level, while its value depends on the loan size and ranges from 15,00% to 16,00% as laid out in the table below:
    Loan sizefrom 10.001 BAM
    to 20.000 BAM
    from 20.001 BAM
    to 50.000 BAM
    Max. repayment period
    54 months60 months
    EIR FBiH/DB18,14%16,63%
    EIR RS18,16%16,63%

    The given Effective Interest Rate (EIR) values were calculated for the maximum loan size and maximum repayment period.

    The difference in the calculation of the Effective Interest Rate (EIR) in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina/Brčko District and Republic of Srpska is based on different legal regulations. In addition to the aforementioned costs, the EIR calculation includes the cost of the bill of exchange (only in Republic of Srpska) and intercalary interest rate, if calculated.

    Example of calculation of the Effective Interest rate (EIR):

    Type of LoanLoan SizeRepayment PeriodNIRLoan Processing FeeEIR FBiH/DBEIR RS
    SME Premium
    20.000 BAM54 months16,00%1,50%18,14%18,16%

    Table with an overview of monthly installments

    SME Premium Loans

    Loan Size (BAM)Repayment Period / months

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