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    Finances and Accounting Sector has two departments and its main responsibility lies with ensuring financial information for timely making of business decisions, while the Sector also has the function of a key link between the sources of finances and EKI business operations.

    The Finances Department organizes and coordinates financial planning activities, including budget and financial forecast, reporting and control of business operations in line with the agreed clauses and financial clauses prescribed by the legal regulations. The role and importance of the Finances Department in EKI is reflected in the timely availability of funds, costs control, adequacy of cash flow, establishment and control of efficiency and profitability of business operations.

    The Accounting Department is responsible for recording and processing of financial information. Further, this Department takes care of accounting records of debts and receivables, inventory, wages, fixed assets and other financial positions. Certified Accountants in this Department daily monitor the records in order to analyze and determine the financial position of EKI.

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