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    Secondary School “Petar II Petrović Njegoš”, Šekovići


    The Secondary School “Petar II Petrović Njegoš” in Šekovići was built in 1975 and is now attended by 190 students. During the May 2014 floods this schools suffered severe damages and they did not have sufficient funds to renovate the school. As this is a small and underdeveloped municipality it was very difficult to allocate funds from the school and municipal budget for the renovation of school and this process took a long time. After a lengthy renovation of the building they needed school furniture for classes to be held in the school, which is the only school of this kind in Šekovići municipality. The employees of MCF EKI office in Bijeljina spoke to the School Principle and found out that they needed cabinets to archive the school files. EKI made the necessary procurement and ensured donation for this school.

    By creating better conditions for children and youth, particularly to enhance their education, we help their better growing up and education, which aligns with one of EKI’s goals in our project of socially reposnsible actions.

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