• Sandra Marić

    Sandra Marić


    Marić Sandra from Čapljina and her husband have been in the poultry and milk production business for over eight years now, while they have been in Vietnamese pigs business for some five years. They currently have 140 Vietnamese pigs and over the course of past five years they sold and used many of them. Mrs. Sandra’s husband is very knowledgeable in poultry and has participated in many exhibitions with ornamental poultry, which used to be their core business.

    Sandra and her husband chose to be in the poultry and Vietnamese pigs business because along with the necessary care of quality breeding, this business does not require major commitment, and the profit from the sale is rather significant. The Marić family has five children. The Marićs’ say that they live well off their business, but the loans were a great support and according to them it would have been very difficult to make it without the loans. With the help of loans they built a stall and improved livestock.

    When it comes to the market placement of manufactured products, they are mainly focused on individuals who come to the Marić family to buy poultry, pigs and other produce, and very often, Mr. and Mrs. Marić themselves offer and sell their products to the household nearby. This especially applies to the sale of milk and eggs.

    Their message to all who wish to engage in or are already engaged in breeding animals, is that patience and loving your job are the key factors for success, regardless of the business activity in question.

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