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    Regional Microfinance Academy


    As part of their Project “Regional Microfinance Academy, the Association from North Macedonia organized the Microfinance Academy in Sarajevo and Tuzla from 16 to 17 September 2019. MFI – Association of Microfinance Institution in BiH provided technical support in the organization of this Project.

    Their visit to Tuzla was scheduled for meeting with representatives of three microfinance organizations: MCF Partner, MCF MI BOSPO and MCF EKI. The topic of the meeting was “Digital marketing and access to MCOs through social networks”.

    Representatives of EKI came from the EKI Marketing Department, Ms. Sabrina Hadžić and Mr. Siniša Tanasić. On this occasion they presented all aspects of digitalization in EKI as well as the free-of-charge service for EKI clients: EKI Business Club and advertising through printed EKI Newsletter, as well as through online advertising web portal that has become available recently: www.ekioglasi.ba.

    The guests from North Macedonia expressed great interest in the presented services and complimented EKI’s idea and its realization.

    After all of the MCF’s made their presentations, the hosts of the meetings, representatives of MCF Partner, MI BOSPO and EKI gave the gusts a guided tour of Tuzla and spent the rest of the day in pleasant socializing.

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