• Refija Jajić

    Refija Jajić


    Jajić Refija from the village of Donje Vukovije, Živinice Municipality, is engaged in agriculture, namely cattle breeding. Her livestock has ten cows, however it must be noted that Mrs.  Refija started her business with only one goat.

    She has been in cattle breeding business for ten years now and besides cows she has sheep that are usually grazing on the Vlašić Mountain. She is supported and assisted by her husband and daughter in law, which greatly helps Mrs. Refija in her many daily tasks related to the livestock.

    Safe sales of milk is provided through cooperation with Dairy “Zott”, and a significant portion of milk is also sold to individuals, mainly her neighbours.

    Mrs. Jajić decided to run this business so as to ensure income generation for her family. A loan that she borrowed was a springboard for her business and she thus began the work that eventually brought her satisfactory income. Mrs. Refija says that one can have a solid living off agriculture but it takes a lot of effort, hard work and knowledge of the activities that you do.

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