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    Ranka Trivanović


    Ranka Trivanović from Novi Grad works as a cook in the Kindergarten “Pčelica Maja”, where she got the inspiration and idea for her side job – manufacture of decorative items and accessories (little baskets, bows, decorative figurines, etc.).

    As she decided to start this business, Mrs. Ranka started her cooperation with EKI because she needed funding for the start of business and purchase of the necessary materials. She does everything on her own in the business and has no one helping her. She sells her products through social networks mainly and advertises through recommendations of satisfied customers and via EKI’s Newsletter ads. She is happy with the income she makes from the sales as it greatly helps her family’s budget, particularly during the holidays when the demand for her products increases.

    Given the fact that Mrs. Ranka’s business is very specific, so the key to her success lies in her creativity and constant advancing of the quality and services she offers.

    As a member of the EKI Business Club, Mrs. Ranka stressed being satisfied with the free-of-charge advertising service:

     “This service is very good for the clients who run any kind of business, because they can present their business/products free of charge.”

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