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    Ramiz Džafić


    Ramiz Džafić from Kralup, Visoko Municipality, has been active in agriculture and the sale of milk for many years now. He owns a livestock of 17 milking cows, heifers and claves. As for vegetables farming, he has a variety of different kinds of vegetables and is making significant income with them. The reason why Mr. Džafić decided to start this business, was his unemployment and to improve the living conditions of his family. Three years ago, he started his business by registering his farm and ever since the income from his agricultural activity has become the primary source of income for his family. His wife and kids help him in the business.

    As the beneficiary of EKI Loans, Mr. Ramiz Džafić says that these loans helped hm a lot in developing his business, especially at the very beginning. He has now developed his business so much that he has no problem with placement of his produce on the market because he has ensured contracts with companies who purchase milk and vegetables, but he also sells to individual buyers too.

    To all those who wish to start the similar or same business Mr. Džafić says: “Agriculture is sometimes a risky business, but if one is hard-working and wants to work, then profit can surely be made. If one is not happy with the salary earning in some company, then they should opt for agriculture and start their own business.”


    Mr. Ramiz is a member of EKI Business Blub for which he says: “I am regularly receiving the EKI Newsletter at my home address and I think this service is very positive for all clients, because it helps them with market placement and sale of their products and services.”

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