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    Public Institution Primary School „Miladije“


    The Public Institution Primary School “Miladije” is located in the City of Tuzla and was founded back in 1991. This is a nine-grade primary school currently attended by 514 students. The School is divided in two sections, namely: Primary School „Miladije“ and Field School „Solana“. The teaching staff of the School approached the EKI Branch office in Tuzla with a request for donation of stripe curtains in one of the classrooms. Specifically, this classroom accommodates first-graders, and the joinery in the classroom has recently been replaced, while the classroom is exposed to sun light entire day. Therefore, placing the stripe curtains was necessary for smooth and undisturbed teaching process.

    EKI was happy to respond to this request and the placement of curtains was successfully realized.

    The staff members of the „Miladije“ School expressed their gratitude to EKI as the teaching process in this sun-exposed classroom has become more pleasant for both students and teachers.

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