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    Public Institution “Medical School” Doboj


    Public Institution “Medical School” Doboj is operational since 1960. It is located in the vicinity of the General Hospital “Sveti Apostol Luka”, which is rather convenient given the fat that majority of their students attend practical training in the Hospital.

    In the academic year of 2017/2018 the Medical School had 604 students enrolled in 20 grades for various professional vocations: medical technician, pharmaceutical technician, dental technician, and physical therapy technician. Over the past few years, the students’ annual average grades are very good.

    The teaching staff of the School are constantly working on improving and upgrading the teaching process so as to increase the quality of teaching outcomes. All this requires purchase of state-of-art educational equipment (computers, LCD projector, school boards, laboratory equipment).

    The EKI Office in Doboj recognized the fat that this is the only School of this type in the entire region, attended by students from 7 municipalities (Doboj, Petrovo, Modriča, Teslić, Derventa, Stanari and Brod) and provided the donation of laptops and two LCD projectors, which will at least partially ease the teaching process and add to its quality.

    On the occasion of hand over of the donated equipment the EKI staff members were warmly greeted by the School Principle and the teaching staff, who expressed their gratitude for the timely donation.

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