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    Public Institution Kindergarten “Pčelica”


    The “Pčelica” Kindergarten in Kozarska Dubica is attended by around 80 children. During spring, summer and early fall the children have many opportunities to play, as the time they spend time in the front yard is filled with a variety of playful games, along with their educators. However, during the rainy season and cold weather, they are limited to their indoor space, where they implement activities. Typically for all children, they like to watch cartoons, but the “Pčelica” Kindergarten does not have a sufficient number of TV sets to allow children to enjoy watching cartoons. Whenever a children’s need is heard of, EKI is there to try and meet it. As part of EKI’s Socially Responsible Actions Project, staff members of EKI Prijedor Office purchased two TV sets and computers that were donated to this kindergarten.

    The joy of children who will be able to spend winter time in the company of their favorite cartoon characters, is the most wonderful form of gratitude and a motivation for EKI to continue with these activities.

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