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    Public Institution Elementary School “Tušanj”, Tuzla


    Public Institution Elementary School “Tušanj” is located in the city of Tuzla and it was founded back in 1956. This is a nine-grade elementary school with 780 students. The School covers the area of three local communities: Tušanj, Batva and Slatina and each year more than 100 new students are enrolled.

    The School staff addressed EKI Tuzla with a request for donation of LCD projector, which would be used for educational purposes and for realization of activities planned by the annual curriculum of the School. The hard-working students of this School achieved great results in local and cantonal competitions and tournaments over the course of last year, although they had very scarce funding, so this donation would surely be appreciated and would motivate the students for event better results.

    EKI Tuzla staff members were happy to respond to this request for donation, and as part of EKI’s Socially Responsible Actions Project they immediately initiated the realization of this action.

    Students and teaching staff of the “Tušanj” Elementary School expressed their gratitude to EKI for the donation that was provided and for the support and generosity, because the equipment that was donated will add value to the working conditions in the School and hopefully it will help the students in reaching event greater goals in competitions and in regular teaching process.

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