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    Public Institution Elementary School “Sokolac”


    Elementary school “Sokolac” was founded in 1875 and is one of the oldest schools in the Eastern BiH. The school works with children from the first to the ninth grade, and also has regional classes in Knežina and Romanija. In addition to their regular classes there is also a class for children with special needs. This class has 5 regular students who are aged 1-9, and the school has 6 more specially categorized students who attend regular classes, but who require assistance in their school work. One special education specialist works with this category of children, and their working conditions are very difficult. In addition to their developmental impediments, these children come from very poor and vulnerable families who do not have the opportunity to purchase even the basic items needed for schooling of their children.

    As these children have special needs in the sense of their training and educational, the children and teaching staff need special-purpose didactic accessories that would enable quality work and training of these children for normal life and work in the future. The school staff pointed out that there is often a lot of talk about children with special needs, but the concrete help usually does not come their way. The school allocates as much as they can from their own resources, but they have never been able to equip the classroom with specialized equipment for work with this category of children.

    As they knew about EKI’s socially responsible approach to the most vulnerable members of our communities, the teaching staff of the Elementary School “Sokolac” addressed EKI with a request for the purchase of necessary didactic equipment. Employees of EKI Sokolac, recognized this justified request and immediately began the preparation and implementation of the project. Thus, very quickly, through the Socially Responsible Actions Project, which EKI regularly implements, the donation of the necessary didactic material to this elementary school was made.

    The Principal of the school expressed her gratitude and pointed out that this type of help is of great importance for providing better service to children who really need it the most.

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