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    Public Institution Elementary School “Pasci”


    The Public Institution Elementary School is located in the rural area of the Pasci village, within the Tuzla Municipality. It was established back in 1947. This is a nine-grade elementary school attended by 175 students. The School is divided in two sections: the field school of Gornji Pasci and the Central School in Par Selo. The staff members of this School addressed EKI with a request for donation of books for literature reading classes and of sports equipment (balls), which would greatly assist their teaching process for the Literature and Physical training subjects. The School has their own library but their book fund is pretty modest, while the physical training classes are carried out outdoors.

    EKI as a socially responsible organization recognized the importance and need for improvements and investments in children’s learning process, so EKI decided to donate books for literature reading classes and sports accessories (balls) to the School. The donation wad realized by EKI Tuzla Office with the aim to improve the level of learning and education and thus contribute to better quality of curriculum delivery in this School. After the donation was handed over, the School staff expressed their gratitude for the books and sports accessories.

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