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    Public Institution Elementary School “Kalesija”


    The Public Institution Elementary School “Kalesija” in Kalesija is the oldest school in upper Spreča River basin. Pursuant to the available school documents, the School started operating back in 1905.

    The area covered by this School has been expanded by adding the four-grade school in Gojčin, so nowadays this School is attended by 736 students, of whom 168 students attend field schools in Miljanovci, Gojčin, Jajići, Dubnica and Kalesija Gornja. Some field schools are remotely located up to 10km far from the central school. It has been a while since the Public Institution Elementary School “Kalesija” has not been able to re-new the book fund in their library, which is very important for their curriculum. As part of our “Socially Responsible Actions” Project, the EKI Živinice Office recognized this School’s need for upgrade of their library and book fund and donated 55 books (the total of 56 different titles). This donation was of great significance for both the central school and for the field schools in Kalesija.

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