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    Primary School “Zukići”, Kalesija


    Not long ago the branch primary school “Memići” in the village of Zukići was completely imperceptible as it did not even have any features showing it was a school, it had no school yard, no playgrounds, and the May 2014 floods deteriorated the modest conditions in which this four-grade school had operated. In late October 2014 MCF EKI organized the renovating and decorating of the school yard, which helped the school to look different from other houses in the village and to look like a real school. The construction with a net and balls for basketball, volleyball and indoor football that were donated by EKI helped the school in Zukići to get the looks of a true village school that has the conditions for the smooth running of classes. As this is a small local community and the inhabitants of the village gather around the school to socialize, this donation made by EKI will help them enjoy around the school and watch children play at the sports ground and with sports accessories provided by EKI.

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