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    Primary School “Risto Proroković”, Nevesinje


    The Primary School in Nevesinje is attended by around 1.160 students up to the fifth grade. For years there have been no investments in renovation of the school so the school building is in a rather poor state. The furniture is worn-out and almost impossible to be used, and the school is heated with the use of solid fuel. The school had to be renovated. To the delight of students and school employees, the Embassy of Japan allocated funds for renovation of the school building and district heating for the school. During the renovation works, the employees of MCF EKI branch office in Nevesinje found out that after the renovation is completed the school will need new furniture for classrooms. As part of its regularly implemented socially responsible actions, EKI got the chance to help this school in need. Therefore in November 2014 ten desks and twenty chairs were purchased to equip the classrooms. The school staff members showed their appreciation and EKI employees were once again proud to have been able to offer the right type of support at the right time and that way showing that we truly care for the community in which we operate and that this kind of projects are completely in line with our mission as this kind of actions prove that we made an impact and ensured that somebody has a better and more comfortable living thanks to our support.

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