• Notification Regarding The Information About Interest Rate Increase


    Notification Regarding The Information About Interest Rate Increase


    Dear All,

    Over the past few days, the media reported about changes in interest rates in microcredit organizations, i.e. about their increase as part of the actions to resolve the loan payment issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    We would like to inform you all that EKI did not increase interest rates for any of its loan products nor did we increase interest rate for loans that are in the process of reprogramming/refinancing due to COVID-19 pandemic.

    Following the regulations set out by the FBiH and RS Banking Agencies, EKI has defined several measures (reprogramming, refinancing, or loan moratorium) through which our clients can either postpone or make the EKI loan payment of obligations easier. In the process of deciding on the modality of temporary measures, we take individual approach to each client. The said measures are being applied as of early April 2020.

    All information regarding the available measures can be found at: https://www.eki.ba/zahtjev-za-rjesavanje-problema-u-otplati-kredita-prouzrokovanih-virusom-covid-19/

    Should you have any questions or dilemma please consult the nearest EKI office or call any of the phone numbers listed here:


    All of our clients know that EKI is an organization that is always at service to its clients and we jointly seek solutions to mutual satisfaction.

    Yours truly,

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