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    Back in 1980, Mr. Nenad Savčić from Sokolac started working in the local glass cutting shop. Over the years of service, he gained significant knowledge and experience. After some time, Mr. Savčić decided to start his own business and use the acquired experience, which resulted in his registration of small business “Srča” in Sokolac. He identified the niche in the Sokolac local market, which did not have a single shop of such a kind, while the local population often required glass-cutting services. At first, he started with minor repairs and supplies, but as the demand grew he has been expanding his business by investing in supplies and equipment. Given the fact that glass is not cheap and that he had big demand for services and supplies that he did not want to miss, EKI loans helped him a great deal in acquiring the necessary raw material, which he could not have procured with is own funds. “It is very import to be smart about investment of loan funds, because only with such a targeted investment one can expand the business and ensure regular and secure repayment of the loan,” said Mr. Nenad Savčić.

    He runs his business on his own. He has two daughters, but as he says, this is a typical job for men, so he did not pass the knowledge onto his daughters. He is hoping to soon find an apprentice onto whom he would transfer his knowledge and experience and thus ensure that after he retires the town of Sokolac still has a glass-cutting shop. This job is demanding, it requires precision, and commitment, but it is all worth it, because the income from this business allowed Mr. Nenad to cover the expenses for the education of his two daughters and to support the four-member household, before the daughters left the family home.

    Mr. Nenad offers his clients with 24-7 service, as satisfied clients are the best reference. Mr. Savčić’s message to all those who wish to start a similar business is that the key to success is honest and dedicated hard work, no matter what line of business one is in.

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