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    Nebojša Šestić lives in the village of Grabik Ilova, Prnjavor Municipality, and he is primarily in the dairy business, while his auxiliary source of income is breeding pigs and chicken. For the purpose of feeding the livestock he cultivates some 60.000 m2 of land and grows corn, which allows him to produce some 30-40.000 m2 of silage.

    Mr. Nebojša inherited the farming tradition from his father, and he now cherishes and preserves the tradition, which is proved by the livestock of 10 cows (of which 5 are dairy cows). His plan for the upcoming period is to have a clean race (Simmental cows only) and to keep the calves for fattening. Given the large scope of work, his wife and daughter help him a lot and this assistance is greatly appreciated. Apart from Nebojša, his wife, and daughter, the Šestić household has two more members, a son who is in primary school and a daughter who is a university student. According to Nebojša, one can live off agriculture and dairy business in a decent manner, however it all requires good planning, investments and sacrifice. The dairy business allows Nebojša to ensure constant monthly income as he has signed a contract with “Inmer” Dairy from Gradačac to supply them with milk. He believes that the key to his success was good planning, investment of time and money, investments in procurement and maintenance of machines, good cooperation with veterinary service, and ensuring the necessary seeds and fertilizers. Also, he says that the loans were inevitable for the purchase of machinery as it would have been a lot more difficult to finance entire purchase of a large machine on one’s own. He also advises all to make a smart investment with the loan funds and to repay the loan regularly as that is the only way for the loan to be a true financial help. Mr. Nebojša’s advice to all engaged in the same business is to expand their production only to the level where it can ensure sufficient monthly income and at the same time one had to protect oneself from the risks of agriculture business and it is recommended to be simultaneously engaged in another line of business, for instance in another type of farming. His recommendation is also for agriculture producers to lower the expenses by producing their own livestock food.

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