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    Miroslav Jovanić


    Miroslav Jovanić from the village of Branjevo, Zvornik Municipality, has been into stone cutting business for years now. He was first employed in a stone cutting shop, where he gained significant experience, and then decided to start his own business and manufacture of tombstones, granite slabs for kitchen, and stair treads, etc. Since he really loved his job and was very committed to it, he did not have the difficulties that are typically common for businesses at their start. He has employees that help him in the business, and when it is necessary, he hires additional workforce as well.

    During the years of practice, he met many people so he never had problems with placing his products on the market, which enabled hm and his five-member household to have a decent life with the income generated from their stone cutting shop.

    Mr. Jovanić says that the EKI loans helped him greatly and that he used them for business purposes only. This year he constructed a manufacturing hall, which he never could have afforded without loans.

    He believes that the key to his success is the major desire to accomplish his ideas and the desire and commitment can only lead to success. That would be his advice to all those who wish to start the same or similar business; they must really want to work and be persistent and professional in relations with customers.

    I would like to recommend EKI Business Club, because this is the place where you can advertise your offer or demand in free-of-charge manner, which is something I commonly do as I am the Club member.”- said Mr. Miroslav Jovanić.

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