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    MFC Conference, Prague, November 2015


    The Regional Microfinance Center (MFC) Conference took place in Prague in early November 2015. On this occasion MCF EKI was awarded the SMART Certificate as one of the first three organizations in the world to become re-certified. Also, EKI’s active two-year participation and support in the campaign “Wise Borrowing” has been recognized and EKI received a certificate on account of that as well.

    In addition to the certification ceremony, EKI’s participation in this Conference also served as an opportunity to have EKI’s service “EKI Business Club” presented and promoted to organizations interested in implementing the same project. The implementation method for the “EKI Business Club” was thoroughly elaborated and practically presented through a dynamic workshop, and on top of that the ideas and experience were exchanged among the participants.

    The interest in EKI Business Club, which was shown by international financial institutions, encourages us in striving for even better results in future and for further widening of the network of our clients.

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