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    The more complex a product or a service the more questions the clients have. Why do we ask questions? Because we do not want to make a wrong choice. The fear of making a wrong choice is far less when buying a calculator than when buying a refrigerator, TV set or a car. The reason is that the damage or a cost of buying the new item is far less.

    We hope we shall answer all of the questions frequently asked by clients and help you get a clear picture of EKI’s service and product you wish to use.

    If there is something that is not clear to me or if I wish to get an answer that was not to be found in this text, how can I get additional info?
    • Telephone: 080 051 052 (free info line)
    • E-mail: poslovniklub@eki.ba
    It is clear to me that all of the services and benefits of the EKI Business Club are free of charge, but is it really the case?

    YES, it really is the case. The price of all of the benefits you will be entitled to as a member of the EKI Business Club is 0,00 BAM.

    • Joining the EKI Business Club = 0,00 BAM
    • Posting your advertisement = 0,00 BAM
    • Phone calls (to the free info line) = 0,00 BAM
    • Delivery of the Newsletter = 0,00 BAM

    TOTAL COSTS: = 0,00 BAM

    Free info line – how do I use and what will it cost me?

    Calling the number 080 051 052 (free info line) is like dialling any other number. The main difference is that you, as our client, will bear no costs for this call, it is FREE OF CHARGE. The cost of the call is fully covered by EKI. Through this phone number you can register your advertisement for publishing, you are able to get informed on the status of your advertisement, you can check if someone is selling a product you need or if they are providing services you need.

    How do you conduct client identification / identification of members of the EKI Business Club?

    We shall identify you as a member of the EKI Business Club by the access code that will be given to you upon signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, or it will be generated and issued on the basis of the date of your birth. This way you are absolutely certain that you are the only one who can publish your ad.

    How can I supply you with my e-mail address?

    You can share your e-mail address with us when you visit one of our offices, you can give it to EKI officers that visit you at your home, or by calling the free info line at 080 051 052. The e-mail needs not to be yours, but you can leave the e-mail address of one of your family members.

    How often will I be receiving the hard copy of Newsletter?

    As a member of the EKI Business Club you will be receiving a hard copy of the EKI Newsletter at least once a month.

    How will I be receiving my copy of the EKI Newsletter?
  • By e-mail,
  • In EKI office closest to you,
  • By mail delivery of the Newsletter,
  • At your home delivered by our officers, etc.
  • We would like to emphasize that e-mail is the safest way of receiving your copy.

    How many ads I can post and how long they will be published?

    Any member of EKI Business Club can have maximum of two ads simultaneously. Each ad has three month (three issues of EKI Yellow Pages) expiry date with possiblity to extend them via toll free line 080 051 052.

    Who can see my advertisement once it is posted?

    The content of your ad will be published in the EKI Newsletter. A copy of the Newsletter will be available to all members of the EKI Business Club, in all EKI branch offices and will be disseminated by EKI loan officers during their field visits across the country. Also, the ads will be visible at our website www.eki.ba. This way you can be sure that the goods/services you are selling/offering will be seen by thousands of users, and thus the possibility of faster sales will be much higher.

    How can I publish my advertisement?

    In order to have your advertisement published in the EKI Newsletter you should have a text with the description of the goods/services you wish to sell, buy or rent and submit it to us in one of the following ways:

    • By calling the free info line 080 051 052 (the cost of the telephone call is covered by EKI),
    • By e-mail form that can be found at www.eki.ba,
    • By e-mail form in mobile applications for Android and IOS
    • In the field during the visit of our officers,
    • In EKI office closest to you,
    • By mailing it to the address: Bulevar mira 10, 76100 Brčko, Marketing Department
    Once I sign the Membership Agreement, how long will I be a member?

    Once you repay the current loan in MCF EKI you have a chance of 60 days to remain a member of the EKI Business Club, because as already mentioned, only the active EKI clients can be members of the EKI Business Club. The continued cooperation with EKI provides you with the opportunity of membership and with the use of all its benefits. In order to maintain the privileges of membership, we recommend a renewal of loan within 60 days.

    What exactly do I get by being a member of the EKI Business Club?

    Once you become a member you are entitled to all of the privileges offered by the EKI Business Club. The following benefits are to be singled out:

    • Advertising through EKI Newsletter that is printed and distributed through the EKI Network at least once a month,
    • By calling our free info line 080 051 052, you can get all the information you need for free and you can post your advertisement for purchase or sales free of charge,
    • By getting connected with other members who are in the same or similar business you have the opportunity to ensure a better access to buyers and processors,
    • Free education through articles in various fields as well as education in the form of exchange of experience with the members of the EKI Business Club,
    • Assistance with sales of your goods for the purpose of easier payment of loan instalments (tin all aforementioned ways).
    How can I become a member?

    You can become a member of the EKI Business Club in one of the following ways:

    • When our officer visits you at your place you can instantly sign a Memorandum of Understanding after which you will become an official member of the EKI Business Club.
    • You can visit an EKI branch office that is closest to you and have our staff member help you fill in and sign the Memorandum of Understanding.
      Either way becoming a member of the EKI Business Club is FREE OF CHARGE.
    Who can be a member?

    EKI Business club member can be any active EKI client involved in some kind of business activity.

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