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    Our clients, guarantors and others are enabled to submit a complaint related to the work of specific employee or to a certain branch office.

    If you believe that that MCC EKI failed to comply with legal regulations, the concluded contracts, the published general conditions or positive business practice, please notify us so that we can take corrective measures and improve our services for you.

    Your complaints can be submitted in the following way:

    • By filling an online form below
    • By sending your complaint in a written form to the specific MCC EKI branch office
    • By submitting your complaint to an MCC EKI branch office closest to you or by sharing your complaint with the loan officer personally.
    • By making a phone call to the branch office in charge making sure you ask to speak to the head of the branch office.

    Do note that all of the information we receive from you as well as your personal data will be treated as confidential.

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    Your complaint or an appeal

    When filling in this form please provide accurate contact details and elaborate on your complaint.
    You will be provided with a final response to your complaint for a maximum of 30 days from the day your complaint was filed.

    for Clients’ Complaints

    In case you believe that MCF EKI does not comply with the provisions and terms of the concluded contracts, good business practices or the published general terms and conditions, please notify us dully and we shall accordingly take corrective measures and improve the service for you.

    We shall consider your complaint without delay. We will try to respond to your complaint as soon as possible and no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

    1. How to file a complaint and where
    • By filing a complaint personally or in writing to the MCC EKI or its Branch Office/The Head of Office, Manager of the Department for Collection of Delayed Loans, to the Manger for Monitoring and Collection of Written-off Loans or to the Complaints Coordinator – by filing a complaint to the Loan Officer personally;
    • By filing a complaint in written form to the MCC EKI address;
    • Via telephone call to the Branch Office that is in charge; when making the phone call ask for the Head of the Office;
    • By e-mail – if that is convenient, you can e-mail us your complaint (if you feel necessary please include your personal data or the data related to your account, please provide these data in writing);
    • Through our website – by filling in the contact form within the Suggestions and Complaints section at www.eki.ba
    2. What we need from you

    Please provide us with the following information:

    • Contact details, including full name, address, telephone and cell phone numbers and e-mail if available, so that we can make sure we will respond to the proper address;
    • Loan related details, clear description of your complaint, i.e. explain the reasons of your dissatisfaction;
    • Your opinion and proposal on what we need to do in order to solve your issue.
    3. Next steps

    We shall consider your complaint without delay. We will try to respond to your complaint within he set deadline. However, a quick response is not easily provided in cases when the complaint requires further investigation. In such cases we shall assess the time we need to resolve the matter and in two days you will be notified of an estimate of time required for the final response. You will receive the final response no later than 30 days from the day of receipt of your comment/complaint.

    4. If You are not satisfied with the response

    Our goal is to have your issue/complaint resolved to your benefit in the shortest possible time. Upon receiving our response regarding your complaint, in the next 30 days you are obliged to notify us in writing whether you accept our response. In case you do not accept our response or if you are not satisfied with it, you are free to submit a written notification to the Ombudsman with the FBiH Banking Agency at the address: Koševo No. 3, 71000 Sarajevo or to the Ombudsman for the Banking Sector with the RS Banking Agency at the address: Vase Pelagića 11a, 78000 Banjaluka, depending on the Entity in which the respective branch office of EKI is located. Your notification to the Ombudsman should include reasons for your appeal in regards to the complaint you had, along with relevant documents. This should be done within 15 days from the date of receipt of response from EKI, i.e. from the deadline for your responding to MCC EKI.

    Complaints about EKI should be filed at the following address:

    • EKI Banja Luka
      Nikole Pašića 25a
      Tel: 051 234 170 | Fax: 051 234 180
    • EKI Bihać
      Kasima Ćehajića 71
      Tel: 037 318 460 | Fax:037 318 461
    • EKI Bijeljina
      Dušana Baranina 3 b
      Tel: 055 292 240 | Fax: 055 292 250
    • EKI Brčko
      Bulevar mira 10
      Tel: 049 235 650 | Fax: 049 235 660
    • EKI Bugojno
      Sultan Ahmedova 82
      Tel: 030 252 346 | Fax: 030 252 346
    • EKI Doboj
      Celjska 41
      Tel: 053 201 400 | Fax: 053 201 408
    • EKI Foča
      Petra Bojovića bb
      Tel: 058 222 570 | Fax: 058 222 571
    • EKI Gradačac
      Hadžiefendina bb
      Tel: 035 822 670 | Fax: 035 822 680
    • EKI Modriča
      Gavrila Principa 17
      Tel: 053 821 710 | Fax: 053 821 717
    • EKI Mostar
      Rudanova 2
      Tel: 036 355 580 | Fax: 036 355 591
    • EKI Prijedor
      Vožda Karađorđa 14
      Tel: 052 240 600 | Fax: 052 243 571
    • EKI Sarajevo
      Džemala Bijedića 129, lamela C
      Tel: 033 754 370 | Fax:033 754 379
    • EKI Trebinje
      Vuka Karadzića 26
      Tel: 059 225 962 | Fax: 059 225 968
    • EKI Tuzla
      Mehmedalije Maka Dizdara 29
      Tel: 035 300 460 | Fax: 035 300 470
    • EKI Zenica
      Adolfa Goldbergera 9
      Tel: 032 449 370 | Fax: 032 449 378
    • EKI Živinice
      Alije Izetbegovića bb
      Tel: 035 743 270 | Fax: 035 743 278
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