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    EKI Business Club (EBC) is an additional free-of-charge service for EKI clients. The key concept is to enable networking of clients so that they have the opportunity to engage in businesses with each other through EKI Newsletter and through the website www.ekioglasi.ba, with the aim to communicate and exchange their experiences. Their trading transactions are done through ads that are published on the website www.ekioglasi.ba. The advertisements may be related to purchase, sale, rental or services, and the EBC member may post any of these in accordance with the Terms of Use. The advertisement is visible to all users of the web portal, and it is important to note that an ad can be published simultaneously in the hard copy of the EKI Newsletter and online. The hard copies are distributed by EKI employees throughout BiH, through 84 branch offices and through their field work in direct contact with clients. A member of the EBC can download the electronic version of the EKI Newsletter from the website at any time or receive it via e-mail.

    Members of the EKI Business Club

    One can become a member of the EKI Business Club if they have an active loan with EKI. When the loan is paid, the client gets login information by which they can log into the website www.ekioglasi.ba. Whether one logs in via computer, cell phone, tablet or laptop, they will get a user account to post their ads. A member of the EKI Business Club can have an unlimited number of active ads at one time at the www.ekioglasi.ba. The duration of the ad is 12 months, with the possibility of extension, which is available as a function through an online user account. On the other hand, a member of the EKI Business Club may have 3 active advertisements at one time for a hard copy of the EKI Newsletter. The duration of the advertisement is 3 months or 3 issues of the EKI Newsletter, with the possibility of extension.

    By publication of its educational articles, the EKI Business Club enables its members to be informed and educated in various areas of business. The advice and recommendations allow the members of the EKI Business Club with an opportunity to improve their business, while the sale and purchase made through the Newsletter and the EBC web portal www.ekioglasi.ba can help expand and enhance their business.

    Ever since May 2013, when the EKI Business Club was launched, it has proven to be a reliably good service as verified and confirmed by a large number of our clients, who have agreed and realized sales or purchases and who have made business contacts with others engaged in similar activities. In each issue of EKI Newsletter, one can read several positive cases of experiences shared by our clients through the section ‘Experiences of EKI clients’.

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