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    The main role of the Marketing Department in Micro-credit Foundation EKI is to continuously run market research in order to collect information on the needs of population so as to timely respond properly to these requirements and to find adequate ways to meet the needs. Design of loan products that are needed for the population under favourable conditions and with simple procedures, as well as continuous maintenance of contacts and positive relations with the public, are the mission of the Marketing Department, which fully completes all of these tasks from year to year. The confirmation of their success lays in the positive feedback from clients with whom we maintain daily communication as well as that of our many business partners with whom we successfully cooperate for years.

    Also, the Marketing Department is in charge of planning and realizing promotional campaigns, creating and procuring all kinds of promotional material, as well as educating personnel on how to run successful promotional activities.

    Important part of actions realized by the Marketing Department is related to collection of proposals for humanitarian aid to sick and socially vulnerable children and those related to socially responsible interventions, and to monitoring of their realization and the level of effects achieved.

    Since May 2013 the Marketing Department has designed and implemented a Project entitled EKI Business Club. EKI Business Club represents a service of free advertising for all active members. Detailed information on EKI Business Club are available at the Menu with the same title.

    Along with the continuous care of clients the Marketing Department of MCF EKI serves as support primarily to the Loans Sector and if needed to other Sectors in EKI, because it is the team work that can ensure better and faster services that are of higher quality for our clients.

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