• Local Settlement “Ozimice I”, Bihać and Local Settlement “Nugle II”, Bugojno


    Naselje Ozimice I, Bihać
    i naselje Nugle II, Bugojno

    In a series of EKI donations over the past period, that were implemented as part of the Project “EKI in the Community”, EKI allocated funds for the arrangement of a children’s playground in Bihać, Ozimice I local settlement. EKI employees installed slides, swings, and space fencing on free and unused green area near kindergartens and residential area.

    Through this Project, the employees of EKI Bugojno actively participated in arranging and renovating the playground in the local settlement of Nugle II in Bugojno.

    The EKI orange team has once again shown that social responsibility, especially towards the youngest members of our society, is truly precious.

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