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    Kindergarten “Radost” – Šamac


    The Kindergarten “Radost” in Šamac was completely destroyed during the May 2024 floods and around 75 children were unable to stay there. The Director of the Kindergarten made a public call to all people of good will to help them in any possible way to reconstruct this institution that is of great importance for their local community.

    The MCF EKI branch office in Gradačac was happy to respond to this call given the fact that EKI is known to be regularly implementing actions aimed to support local communities and the young ones particularly.

    When EKI visited the Kindergarten the Director emphasized the need for dinning sets and cutlery , and EKI employees immediately responded to this request.

    With the help of the local community, people of good will, and EKI’s modest contribution, the Kindergarten was in function again to the delight of children and the Kindergarten staff.

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