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    Kindergarten “Radost” Bratunac


    Kindergarten “Radost” was founded in 1981. The Kindergarten building is semi pre-fabricated facility and it was partially rehabilitated in 2007. This is the only institution in Bratunac, which provides services of education and kindergarten services for the pre-school children.

    During the rehabilitation of the Kindergarten, some works remained uncompleted, such as installation of AC, which is truly needed in this kind of Institution. The AC is needed during summer for cooling of the premises that accommodate around 90 beneficiaries, while during the autumn/winter and winter/spring periods it is need for heating of the premises. Upon learning about this need, staff members of the EKI Bijeljina/Bratunac Office immediately initiated realization of the action to procure and donate two AC’s for the Kindergarten “Radost”. Kindergarten staff expressed their sincere gratitude and appreciation of the donation and extended their compliments to EKI for being socially responsible and for paying particular attention to the youngest members of our society.

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