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    Junior Team of the Football Club “Ilićka 01” Brčko


    The Brčko settlement Ilićka was formed in 2001 and nowadays has over 5000 inhabitants. Five years after the settlement was formed the football club “Ilićka 01” was established and as early as its first competition season they qualified for the higher-ranking tournaments. The Club has over 200 members, of whom 130 are boys in the age of 6 to 17, who train in the junior team of the club. The youngest members of the club, the pre-pioneers, pioneers, and cadets play in the high-quality league in BiH. They participated in many regional tournaments, and they were often invited to participate in international tournaments too. They usually qualified among the top three tanking teams in these tournaments, and they often won too, as these kids train regularly and invest lots of efforts to achieve good results in competitions. The quality that separates them form others is their huge love for football and their club, so they show impressive team work that result in victories and good ranking. Due to insufficient funding for purchase of equipment (jerseys, training garment, footballs, accessories, etc.) and because of lack of funding to ensure proper training conditions, they established an association “Junior Team” with the objective of fundraising among the football fans and those who support the work and results of these young people. EKI Brčko donated funds for purchase of jersey sets for one generation of players. After they received the donation their boys played the first game in the jerseys bearing EKI logo, which is how they expressed their gratitude better than through words.

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