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    As a leader in microcredit business EKI knows that the right approach is bringing the business where it is needed the most – to its clients! Running the business this way we have become a member of the community in which we operate and we cherish and value that status.

    Corporate social responsibility in business is the best way of showing we are a socially conscious organization and more than 26 years of committed work and over 39.000 of active clients serve as a confirmation of the choice of the right path.

    We are committed to building partnership among the employees of the Foundation and with our clients and each step of ours is headed in that direction.

    Please send your CV to:
    MCC EKI (Job Application), Generala Mehmeda Alagića 9, 71000 Sarajevo
    or e-mail it to posao@eki.ba.

    If you are not contacted within 15 days from the closure of vacancy notice please note that you did not meet all of the criteria.

    Your application will be kept in our files for the period of two years and over that period of time we might contact you in case we have an opening that corresponds with your profile.

    Please note that we do not return the document you submit in your job application.


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