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    Jelenko Ostojić from Donja Pilica, near Zvornik, has been in the agriculture business for more than twenty years. He is primarily active in wheat cultivation, fattening of bulls, pigs and sows. As far as land cultivation is concerned, this is already a tradition because generations of Ostojić family have been into land cultivation. Given the fact that he owns arable land of large surface, Mr. Jelenko decided to take advantage of that potential and he now cultivates wheat on 100 dunums of land, which he rents. He owns all of the necessary machinery, so his expenditures for land cultivation are significantly lower than for those farmers who need to pay for such services. His wife is the greatest support in business, and when necessary his son helps out as well, whenever he can set aside some time from his family and his own business.

    Mr. Jelenko says that his family lives a good life thanks to income generated through his business. They have many expenses and costs, they invest lots of efforts, but the bottom line is that their work pays off. As said in the words of Mr. Ostojić: „He who works will have possessions, while he who doesn't never will. “

    As for the EKI loans, Mr. Jelenko says that each loan he borrowed made sense, meaning that he dedicated each loan to a specific purpose (purchase of machinery, raw material and seedlings, purchase of livestock, etc.). When he borrows a loan to purchase livestock, he normally uses grace period because he sells the livestock upon completion of a cycle and pay off the loan. All that he has left after that is his profit. He sells his produce in the place where he lives and in nearby villages. His customers know him, either personally or by word of mouth. Although he makes solid profit through the sale of livestock, his biggest income is generated from the sale of wheat.

    I advertise through EKI Newsletter and have received many inquiries of potential buyers, and I had calls for the sale of my tractor and a picker. I find the Newsletter very interesting as I read the stories published by EKI clients. In my story I wanted to share my experience with business, to show the real image of it and how one can make solid profit and live off agriculture, as long as one is dedicated to this business,“ Mr. Ostojić said.

    Mr. Jelenko's message to all those who wish to engage in agricultural business is that anyone who is ready to work hard will make profit. He says, that he makes profit even though he rents land, and therefore it would most certainly pay off to those who have their own land. One can live well off agriculture.

    He believes that the key to his success lays in healthy family in which all are in harmony. His biggest wealth are his children and his grand-children, while he says that his wife deserves a special pedestal, because he says that his housewife spouse is his biggest support.

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