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    Mr. Islam Kuburaš from Ključ is active in the business of milk production, fattening bullocks, and tillage. The Kuburaš household has always owned a cow and have used the cow milk for their own purposes. Given the fact that they had the conditions to expand the livestock and to start their own business, they decided to give it a try. They started with one cow and soon grew to owning five cows. Today they have a farm with all members of the Kuburaš family actively working on it. According to Mr. Islam, any agriculture business, including the one he and his family are running, requires hard work and a lot of relinquishment. However, the positive side of this business is that his entire family has normal living conditions thanks to this business. Mr. Islam says that the key to success in this business is hard work and faith in what you are doing. In his business development he was greatly helped by EKI Loans, which the Kurbaš family used to expand the facilities, purchase machinery and to procure new livestock. Their serious approach to business as well as the good quality of their produce, enabled them to have secure market placement of meat and milk that they produce.

    Mr. Islam’s advice to all those who wish to start the same or similar business is that they have to be seriously committed to work, thy need to have sufficient number of livestock, and if they decide to farm livestock they must continuously invest in their business.

    “EKI offers one pretty and useful service to its clients, which helps a lot with product placement. This service is the membership in EKI Business Club, which allows free advertising. On top of advertising, the EKI Newsletter has wonderful other contents, useful advice and tips for farmers, which is selected according to the relevant season. Those who have difficulties with product placement should definitely use this service”, said Mr. Islam Kuburaš.

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