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    Hamo Bećirević


    It has been ten years since Bećirević Hamo from Lišnja – Prnjavor municipality started cattle breeding (breeding cows, beef cattle and sheep), farming of corn, barley and oats, and furthermore cultivation of over 100 acres of land. Also, Mr. Hamo purchases milk from the local population, which he further distributes to a dairy in Kozarska Dubica.

    Agriculture and cattle breeding have been the Bećirović family’s tradition. This type of business requires major commitment and therefore his wife and children’s support has been of great importance to him. Mr. Bećirević says that his family can live well off this business, and his major advantage is that he produces his own mixed food for fattening bulls, which results in significant savings.

    According to him, the key to success in any business is persistence, perseverance, and goodwill, because as Mr. Hamo says: “a hard-working man can do anything”.

    Still, without a loan he would not have been able to reach the desired production volume in such a short time. A secure sale of bulls that he has agreed with butchery shops in Banja Luka as well as the sales of milk to the Dubica Dairy enables the Bećirević family to live a stable life and to service their obligations regularly.

    Hamo Bećirović has one piece of advice for all those who are in the same or similar business and that is to be persistent and to carry on no matter how insecure the times and circumstances might be.

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