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    Grammar School “Edhem Mulabdić”- Maglaj


    The Grammar School “Edhem Mulabdić” operates as a part of the Mixed Secondary School in Maglaj. It is attended by 300 students grouped in 13 classes. During the May 2014 floods this school, like many others, suffered damages and one entire floor where the IT and math classrooms are located was flooded. Computers, laptops, LCD projectors, that were used as teaching tools were completely destroyed. Once the employees of MCF EKI branch office in Zenica found out of this misfortune they visited the School and offered help in reconstructing the damaged part of the School. It was agreed that EKI would donate equipment for IT and math classroom and it was realized shortly.

    After the reconstruction works the School organized the ceremony for official start of the new academic year and on that occasion they awarded EKI with a Letter of Gratitude for the help in reconstruction.


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