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    Football School “Sloga” Doboj


    It is commonly known that sport clubs are struggling with ensuring funding. The same applies to the Football Club “Sloga” Doboj and their Football School for the children of the 5-12 age. The trainees attending their Football School have their trainings in extremely harsh conditions and they lack the relevant accessories. Once more EKI decided to help the children by donating footballs to these talented boys and girls. The Football School “Sloga” Doboj was donated with 10 footballs of excellent quality, specifically intended for the children of 5-12 age. The EKI employees who handed over the donation were greeted by boys and girls who were anxious to meet them. The children’s joy was overwhelming and they could not wait to test the new footballs in their playfield. Their parents were happily watching the kids and were also very satisfied. All watched the children’s training together and this was followed by taking a few group photos in memory of this joyous moment. Nothing is more precious than a child’s smile.

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