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    Football School „Champion“, Brčko District BiH


    Football School „Champion“ was founded in March 2017 and has 68 trainees today.

    The objective of the School is to teach the children the true values such as acquiring working habits, respect, joint living, tolerance, strengthening personality, and learning the team spirit. Through work, fun and socializing this School is directing the children on how to have their personalities grow and at the same time how to become good football players.

    The main purpose of the Football School „Champion“ is to enhance individual growth and progress of each trainee in their learning process and also in acquiring football skills, but also in learning about fundamental human and social values. The youngest trainees are taught that results and score in competition are not the priority, but it certainly is important to do your best when on the sports ground. The trainees of this School participate in many tournaments throughout BiH and together with football schools from Modriča, Gradačac, Srebrenik,Tuzla and many others, they jointly organize and host the Talent League.

    By purchasing and donating the children T-shirts for the Football School „Champion“ EKI gave contribution to having the trainees of this School be dressed in a unified manner when they go to training and tournaments, which certainly affects their better discipline and their understanding that being recognizable is important, no matter if it’s about tournaments, training, touristic field trips, or anything else.

    On the occasion of the hand-over of the equipment, the staff of the EKI Brčko office received expression of gratitude and satisfaction of the managers of the School and their trainees.

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