• We are following the recommendations and we are acting conscientiously and responsibly


    We are following the recommendations and we are acting conscientiously and responsibly

    Given the current situation in reference to the COVID-19 Virus (Corona Virus), and for the purpose of protecting the health of our clients and employees, we would like to notify you that EKI offices will be working with shorter workhours from 08.00 to 12.00 hrs. Prior to coming to the EKI office, we advise you to first call EKI staff through available phone numbers (https://www.eki.ba/mkd-kontakt/) and set up an appointment. That way you will be observing the instructions related to movement during the Corona Virus period, and you will also be saving your time. All of our staff members will be available on their cell phones from 08.00 to 16.00 hrs. During standard workhours you may obtain additional information through our Facebook and Viber accounts, while after workhours you may use our automatized communication channels available through our social networks’ accounts.

    Observing the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization, EKI employees in all EKI offices are implementing the recommended measures for prevention of Corona Virus, and we kindly ask all of you who plan on visiting EKI offices to observe the said preventive measures so as to prevent the virus from spreading. Hand sanitizers will be available in all EKI offices and we strongly recommend you to use them.

    In case you need a loan, your loan application may be easily and quickly filed through our website (https://www.eki.ba/online-zahtjev-za-kredit/), and EKI staff will contact you shortly.

    The most important matter in these extremely unfavorable times is for all of us to go back to normal life as soon as possible. Therefore, we are implementing all available measures to protect you and ourselves, and we kindly ask for your understanding.

    With positive thoughts and responsible behavior, we shall all overcome the virus more easily.

    Until then, stay healthy and cheerful.

    Yours sincerely,

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