• More Favorable Commissions for Payment of EKI Loan Installments


    More Favorable Commissions for Payment of EKI Loan Installments

    Uplate rata EKI kredita u BH Poštama uz proviziju od samo 0.80 KM!

    Dear Clients,

    In order to raise the quality of our services, while honoring and appreciating the loyalty and trust you have invested in us, we have made sure to enable you with more favorable commissions for payment of EKI loan installments, by signing a Cooperation Agreement with BH Postal Service. In more concrete terms, this means that from now on in all offices of BiH Postal Service you can make payments of your EKI loan installments with significantly lower commission charges.

    From now on the commission for our clients who are paying their loans installments will be 0,80 BAM regardless of the loan installment size. Additional benefit for our clients is the possibility to make other combined payments along with the EKI loan installment, and for the total of 2,00 BAM you can pay your EKI loan installment and one, two, or three other invoices in your name or in the name of a member of your household (invoices for water supply, electricity supply, or invoices for landline with BH Telecom).

    Should you require any additional information, feel free to contact your Loan Officer.

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