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    Family Center “House of Joy“, Kotor Varoš


    As part of the Project “Socially Responsible Actions“, implemented by EKI each year, the staff members of EKI Banja Luka Office visited the Family Center „House of Joy“ in Kotor Varoš. The reason for this visit was the previously identified need for donation of funding to support placement of fence surrounding the playground and also placement of lighting and benches at the playground. This institution urgently needed the fence to protect the playground for children, placement of benches and lighting in order to protect the playground against unwanted entries and damages. During the visit to the Family Center, the EKI Banja Luka Office staff members were received with a warm welcome and gratitude expressed by the Director of the Center, the volunteers who daily work with children, and by children's parents. Thanks to EKI, the children will be able to carelessly spend time in the playground, while the benches and other items in the playground will be well preserved and will last longer.

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