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    A little over 12 years ago, Fadil Hajdarević from Bratunac expanded his cattle breeding business by starting a greenhouse and outdoor growing of tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, etc.

    His decision to enter into this farming business was based on the fact that he owned suitable farming land. In order to properly cultivate these crops, apart from land one must have water resources and therefore Mr. Hajdarević ensured irrigation system for both the greenhouse and his outdoor farm.

    At the time when his sole business was cattle breeding he took his first loan to invest in building a stall, and later on his other loans that were of great help were invested in production of berries and greenhouse for vegetables. He says that it is of great importance for him to be able to rely on loan funds when expanding his production.

    His business is rather big and work-intensive so he gets a lot of help from his wife and son, depending on son’s school obligations and schedule.

    He believes that the key to his success are hard work and commitment primarily, but also being informed on new crops and protective measures as he wants to make sure that his buyers get the best quality at affordable prices.

    For raspberries and strawberries he has agreed the market placement, and the rest of his crops are sold to individuals in retail, while there are some buyers who purchase his crops and then sell them at open markets in major cities.

    Mr. Fadil Hajdarević says that one can earn a decent living in agriculture only if they work hard, invest and progress. The income generated from his farming activities is used to finance his son’s studies.

    Mr. Fadil’s message to all engaged in the same or similar activities is that they ought to be honest and to strive for quality, as that way they are sure to get buyers for their goods. His advice to agriculture producers is also to be up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the sector and to be familiar with new crops types and allowed protective measures and substances, because the buyers will always know good quality.

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