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    If you urgently need funding for your work or household, EKI Express Loans are waiting for you in all EKI offices. Apply quickly and easily, via:

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    Express loans are designed and intended for investments in small business, agriculture and in improving the conditions of your household..

    • Loan size 300 – 3.000 BAM
    • Repayment period up to 12 months
    • Loan processing fee 0,00%
    • The MCC EKI disburses/approves loans in BAM currency as indexed in EUR per the average exchange rate of the BiH Central Bank on the day of Loan Agreement
    • Nominal Interest Rate (NIR) is fixed and calculated on annual level, while its value depends on the loan size and ranges from 14,50% to 19,00% as laid out in the table below:
    Mikrokreditna fondacija EKI u svojoj ponudi ima kredite od 300 do 10.000 KM, dok Mikrokreditno društvo EKI odobrava kredite od 300 do 50.000 KM. Svi uslovi kredita do 10.000 KM su identični i odnose se na obje organizacije. Uslovi kredita preko 10.000 KM odnose se samo na Mikrokreditno društvo EKI.
    Loan sizeup to 3.000 BAM
    Max. repayment period
    12 months
    EIR FBiH/DB/RS19,79%

    The given Effective Interest Rate (EIR) values were calculated for the maximum loan size and maximum repayment period.

    The effective interest rate (EIR) represents the actual price i.e. the total costs of the loan, paid by the user. The calculation of EIR includes nominal interest, intercalary interest (if calculated), and loan processing costs. The EIR also includes fees for other costs, if any, which represent a condition for loan approval whether the costs relate to the borrower or co-borrower (except for loans issued to legal entities in the organizational part with headquarters registered in FBiH and BD BiH).
    The data on installments and EIR are of informative character, serving the purpose of general information and may differ from the official EKI terms and conditions at the time of loan application submitting. Please contact your nearest office for more details.

    Example of calculation of the Effective Interest rate (EIR):

    Loan typeLoan sizeRepayment periodNIRLoan processing feeEIR FBiH/DB/RS
    Express Loans3.000 BAM12 months18,00%0,00%19,79%


    Express loans

    Loan size (BAM)Repayment period / months

    “Vaš zahtjev za kredit možete podnijeti i putem on-line obrasca. Dovoljno je da odaberete formu za fizička ili formu za pravna lica, zavisno od potrebe, popunite ponuđena polja i odaberete opciju “pošalji”. U najkraćem mogućem roku će Vas kontaktirati EKI kreditni službenik, dogovoriti potpisivanje zahtjeva za kredit i uputiti u proceduru, koja između ostalog podrazumijeva i provjeru Vaše kreditne istorije (CRK).”








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    By using the Loan Calculator, you can get approximate information regarding the size of monthly installments, the repayment plan and the total debt for the loan you are interested in.

    Note: The data on installments and EIR are of informational character and serve the purpose of general information, while it may differ from the official EKI terms at the time of loan application. Please contact your nearest EKI office for detailed information

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